Arcc offices

Arcc offices
Level 6, 611, Hledan Center, Corner of Pyay Road and Hledan Road, Kamaryut Township, Yangon.

Company Profile

The way we work is always evolving, which is why our work space should also evolve. At Arcc Offices, we believe everyone is entitled to a welcoming and inspiring work environment, and that people perform best when they can choose how to work within it. To us, a serviced office is a place to foster meaningful experiences through the interaction between people. Because an Arcc Office is, above all else, a People Place.

Founded in 2000, our serviced offices now serve the needs of enterprises and entrepreneurs across 6 major cities in 16 prime locations.

Arcc Offices is a part of the Arcc Holdings group, a Singapore-based company that develops and operates a range of business and property spaces.
Arcc Offices offers progressive and flexible work environments & meeting spaces designed for the way you work. Whether you are a new start-up or an established corporation, our serviced offices in 16 prime locations across 6 of Asia's key cities are equipped with everything you need to get your business going. Today, we have office spaces on flexible lease terms for rent in Beijing, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Singapore and Yangon.

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