A1 Group Of Companines

A1 Group Of Companines
33-49 Maha Ban Doola Garden Road, Kyauktada Township, Yangon, Myanmar..

Company Profile

A1 was founded as a privately held construction company in 1990 together with the rise of demand in construction industry. Today A1 is proud to be recognized as one of the leading and largest construction companies in Myanmar.

Our outstanding reputations in the field of city and land development have been attributed, to the company's dedication for excellence. It has been made possible by our workforce of professional and experienced administrative staff, engineers, architects, planners, and labor.

As part of our commitment in providing high quality and advance engineering and technology societies, and contribute to those areas.

Our expertise has spanned from minor renovation to multi million dollar projects. For this, A1 has earned as strong trust from our various clients due to our ability to deliver quality construction, promptness in meeting deadlines, completion of projects, and customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, A1 has gained momentum and success in construction as we have built mutual trust and benefits between clients and partners. Due to our success and financial security, we have expanded our business sectors in the fields of mining, hotel and resorts, trade and manufacturing. We are constantly striving towards maintaining a vision to invest and promote excellent services in the many sectors our company has ventured into.

We work to attain quality, meeting national and international codes of standard. We plan and implement the process efficiently with commitments to make each process easier for you. We stand by you and warranty quality for every undertaking of ours to keep up with our motto:

With A1, You're Number One!  

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