Global Green Development Group

Global Green Development Group
No. 457, Pyay Road, (8) Quarter, Kamaryut township, Yangon (next to Novotel Hotel).
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Global Green Development Group started its first business venture in 1997 by operating ruby mines in Mine Shu region, Shan State, Myanmar. In 2000, the group expended its mining business by operating jade mines in Northern Myanmar. Since the civilian government took office in 2010, Global Green Development Group has entered into other industries such as real- estate, printing & publishing, construction, mineral mining, e-commerce, and trading. Global Green Development Group believes that the expansion of the business would not only strengthen our company to be better prepared for a more competitive market, but also promote the country’s social and economic development. Today, Global Green Development Group employs about 2,000 fulltime employees and is active in various industries through its sister companies: Nay Min Kabar Gems & Jade Co., Ltd., IME Construction Co., Ltd., IME Services Co., Ltd., IME International Co., Ltd., Southern World Mining Co., Ltd., Global Green Property Co.,Ltd. and Dailymart Co., Ltd.

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