About Us

Property.com.mm is the most reliable and most advanced real estate site – online property listing portal in Myanmar. We offer thousands of property data of homes, lands, flats, apartments, condominiums, office spaces, factories, warehouses and industrial lands accessible to everyone without wasting so much effort. We also provide a professional support team to the sellers and buyers to update with the status of their listings and suggest potential solutions.

Everybody has an opportunity not only to find their required property by searching the detailed property listings, but also can find potential buyers to sell their properties in a decent amount of time. Property.com.mm provides a lot of useful information, real estate tips and market news concerned with the buying, selling, and renting for all users.

Advantages of using property.com.mm

For home seller, besides listings your property on our site, just browsing properties in your area, you can estimate your home price, you can realize the market situation and value your property.

For home buyer, you can search through the listings composed with photos and detailed information of properties, contact information and community amenities without leaving your home or office. You may also narrow down your requirements according to the price, location, features and other criteria that are important to you.

Our Mission

    To assist everyone with information and listings to make smart choices about home buying and selling.

    To provide customers with the ability to narrow their search to specific property listings that meets their requirements.

    To encourage our customers to search our listings as much as they want.

    To support with free and easy real estate guides for home buyers and sellers during their stressful move.

    To serve real estate agents & real estate companies with a dependable source for postings and listings.

    To connect the actual home searchers to the actual sellers in a short period of time.

    To help our customers easily create home listings and advertisements that goes online today.

    To furnish potential home searchers with thousands of up-to-date and detailed property listings for free, accessible from their home computers or mobile phones with comfort.

    To provide the public with all the up-to-date real estate property news, market situation, demand and supply, market price, and all the necessary information to actually help the home sellers, searchers, buyers, home owners and tenants