Four Construction Engineers Lose Licences


Four construction engineers have had their licences revoked permanently, said officials from the Engineering Department of the Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC).

The engineers failed to check the safety of the work site and supervised the construction of buildings which did not have building permits, the Department said.

Their licences had been revoked temporarily in the past.

However, it appears that the engineers are not currently living in the country and some others are using their licences to work in illegal construction sites.

The deputy head of the Department said, “These engineers are not living in Myanmar right now. They are working in foreign countries. That means some junior engineers and contractors are using their licences in constructions.”

A total of 447 engineers have had their licences revoked for periods of six months to a year, according to the Department, while 116 contractors lost their licences this year.

Engineers have to pay licence fees yearly. The licence fees for a Senior Engineer is K200,000 per year and for Junior Engineer is K100,000.

The license numbers of engineers who faced the permanent licence ban are LC-324/senior, LC-840/senior, LC-762/senior and LC-539/junior.

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