Time City

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About The Times City Project
Interestingly, Times City Project which compound will be adding modern, convenient, safe, remarkable living of where we establish is located in the heart of Yangon's financial district, near Hantharwaddy round about and Hledan bridge what's more? There is a very luxurious compound with excellent the downtown as well as there areas of interest within the city. Overall, Times City Project including grand hotel, office tower and residence Yatanar mall so is a joint venture partnership between Crown Advanced Construction and YCDC, intend to the highest status of country.

Commercial Area (Ground Floor To Forth Floor)
High Speed Elevator (Eight Lifts)
Three Laminated And Insulated Layers Glass With Low-E (Energy Conservation / Sound proofing system)
High Speed Elevator (Eight Lifts)

Elevator Capacity = 17 Presons of a lift
Standby Generator (USA/ UK)
220V Converter Transformer 

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